www.BeyondTwo.com Polyamory Dating Review

From the looks of it it seemed like another Thanksgiving holiday without a family to spend it with.  I had recently been on the east coast to visit family for a wedding not long ago so I didn’t make plans to fly back so soon, given my grad school tuition doesn’t afford much in the way for a travel budget too many times during the year.  I didn’t mind spending the holidays alone, but it’d be my first time doing so, as many of my friends in California were on vacation in other countries this winter, and my good friend from grad school moved back to Japan after she graduated. 

So my friends tell me about a new site called www.BeyondTwo.com that recently launched and is now gaining momentum in the poly community.  I haven’t checked out the other poly sites out there yet but they tell me that this one is the one to go to because it is new, is gaining more new members weekly and popularity in the poly groups I joined on Facebook.  

I saw a section they recently added about adoption and know of a cute gay couple that is looking to adopt, and will refer them to the site as a resource.  There need to be more sites out there for different people, not just your average, run-of-the-mill people in this world!